Monday, August 22, 2016

One clear night

We have had probably 10 straight days of rain. Some days have been up to two  inches of rain, which has caused flooding in many areas. Last night, though, (8/19/2016) the skies cleared nicely and the stars and moon were shining brightly.

I grabbed my camera to step outside and play with the settings in an effort to take a picture of the beautiful moon. It took a few tries of changing the settings, but I finally got a shot I was pleased with.

Our new homestead has fewer trees and hardly a clear night goes by that I am not awed by the starry splendor of the heavens. Our former residence was thick with trees and we rarely got a glimpse of the stars, the moon, or the milky way over there.

So, tell me what you think about this shot of the moon.



  1. loved this pic ann

  2. I think I could reach out and touch the moon. It doesn't seem so far away like this.