Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Beginning the mini homestead

Where do I begin, since it's now March? I've been working on homesteading my very small place for several years now. It takes time, patience, and work. I don't have the luxury of acres and acres of land to make my dreams a reality.

I live on less than an acre, but I'm here to tell you, homesteading can be done on a place even this small. I am out in the country, which is a plus, and I'm in Arkansas. There are very few limitations on what I can do where I live as long as sanitation is taken care of. I have a half dozen raised beds for gardening, a solar aquaponics setup which only has minnows in the fish tank right now, plus a variety of small livestock -- dwarf goats, chickens, turkeys, and mini pigs. Everything that I raise has to be on a smaller scale.

I am hoping this spring to begin my permaculture, or food forest, beside and behind my house. As I go along, I'll share my projects with descriptions and pictures. Join me as we grow our Mini Homestead!

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