Monday, March 9, 2015

Mini homestead pigs

I just wanted to pop in and share a couple of pictures of our little pigs.

They are mini potbelly pigs, which work out well for a tiny homestead like we have here. They require less space and less feed to keep them healthy. As a butcher animal, they don't produce a lot of meat and lard, but they do produce some. Being so small, they are easier for the homesteader to handle on their own, without needing to go to a butchering plant for processing.

Soon, we'll be putting up an electric fence to allow them more access to another part of our little homestead. I can use them there to turn the soil and remove unwanted understory plants so I can start my permaculture gardening in that area. The electric fence we'll be putting in will be powered by a small solar panel.

The pig in the top picture is Leroy. He's about 3 years old. We just got him a few weeks ago. His weight is around 60 pounds right now. He'll be the daddy of future little pigs.

The pig in the bottom picture is Ellie May. She's also about 3 years old. We got her last year. She's had several litters in the past, when she belonged to someone else. But, since we didn't have a male pig, she's just spent her time with us so far getting chubby. She probably weighs around 80 pounds now.

Both of these little pigs are very sweet and easy to handle. They've been handled all their lives and don't mind a little scratch behind the ears or down their backs. They will walk right up to us for petting or for treats.

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