Thursday, January 12, 2017

Winter! No Spring! No winter again!

What a roller coaster ride the weather has been. We had temperatures in the 70s, then we had days of snow. Overnight lows went down to about 10 on a couple of nights, now it’s back up to the 60s again.

A friend in the weather business said we should watch for flash flooding for the next few days, while those in the north part of the state could see ice and snow!

We did finally get a propane heater installed and it helps, but without insulation, it’s not a huge help. At least we weren’t freezing during the first round of low temps for the year. However, we ran out of propane last Saturday night, just in time for the next round, and couldn’t get the tank filled on Sunday.

See, we normally take the tanks to a local hardware store where they have a bulk tank to refill from. We did trade in our smaller tank (a grill tank) for one like it at a local grocery store. However, I don’t think there’s as much propane in those you see in the racks outside of stores as what we get when we get one refilled. And, the cost is considerably higher. But we needed something to at least be able to cook on those really frigid days.

I’ve sold a couple of things to keep propane in the heater and stove. The money will also help keep a generator running. Oh, I forgot to tell you the generator news, but I’ll do that in another blog post.

Anyway, I have a turkey to can and now we’re not having enough sunlight to charge the well pump battery. (I need the water for inside the canner and to make broth for canning.) This just means we’ll need to charge it up from the truck, so I can pump water and get some canning done before it all goes bad.

I did get some veggies canned that were on sale very cheap at the local grocery store, at least, so now we have a little more variety on the plate. Canning them got us 5 pints of corn, 3 pints of green peas, and 10 pints of green beans for an average of 40-cents per pint. Less than the cost of buying these same vegetables in cans.

Sorry it’s been so long since I posted here. It seems like one thing after another has happened. Nothing terrible; just stuff.

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