Sunday, April 26, 2015

Another new baby goat

Well, one of our does kidded this morning. Our dog, who lives out there, was barking and yipping oddly so I went out to see what was going on. Discovered the doe in labor.

She is an especially small doe and we have been worried whether she could have this kid (or kids) without help. It turns out she did just fine. When she was done, though, she acted like she didn't want to get up so we got some feed and helped her to her feet. After she ate, she was okay for the rest of the day.

Her baby, a doeling, is solid white and very pretty. We will keep her as part of our herd. The doeling is 3/4 Nigerian Dwarf and 1/3 Kiko.

As soon as the larger doe is bred back, in another month or so, we will sell the buck and replace him with an unrelated buck. He's done his duty here so it's time for him to move on to another farm.

Here is a short video of the new mama goat, the doeling, our male pig (potbelly), and the dog that looks after everybody out there.

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