Monday, April 27, 2015

Middle of the night Molly alarm

We've been outside twice in the middle of the night on this chilly Sunday night through Monday morning. We went out once to just check on the new doeling. I'm a worry wart and since we lost the other doeling overnight, I am tending to hover a bit over this one.

Then, our dog Molly was out there barking wildly, so we took the shotgun out with us this time to check on things. While we didn't see any threats, we did hear coyotes in the surrounding area, yipping and howling. That's creepy! I'm glad Molly is out there to at least warn us of varmints and scare off threats.

We know that Molly is part Airedale, but we aren't sure what the other part is. She has some black spots on her tongue, so maybe chow? Anyway, she's a high energy dog and has pretty much lived with the livestock for a long time now. It was cold weather when we got her last year, so we kept her inside with us. When the temperatures improved, we put her on a tether next to the livestock and chicken yards so she'd get used to them all.

We then put her in the goat pen, but at first she could fit through the field fencing and came right back out. We tried this every week until she grew big enough that she could no longer go through the fencing.

Molly when she was about 6 months old.

Molly now at a little over a year old. Isn't she gorgeous?

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