Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hail storm

The other night we experienced strong storms along with high wind and hail. Thank goodness we weren't damaged here. My solar panels are all just fine, as well as my garden beds and fruit trees. A handful of immature peaches bit the dust, but there are lots left on the trees.

My biggest fear was a tornado warning. One did hit near a lake about 30 miles from us, but there was no significant damage from the EF1 storm. Strong straight-line winds hit a brand new farm-to-table market not far from us and tore up their greenhouse plastic and damaged some new plant starts, but for the most part they are ok, too.

Here's the only picture I got of pea to marble size hail on my front porch. It wasn't late enough to be dark yet, but due to the storm is was really dark outside and I just barely opened the door to get this shot. I manipulated it to brighten it some. You can also see leaves from the trees around my house.

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