Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Heirloom Seeds Source

I want to share with you all the source of my heirloom seeds.

I bought seeds from a fellow YouTube publisher who lives completely off-grid, works odd jobs to support herself, and sells heirloom seeds on her own website. She also sells some plants and produce at a farmers market close to where she lives. She really is living the life of off grid homesteading, and she works very hard at it, too!

She goes by "Arky" and has the YouTube channel "Crystal Cottage Off Grid", where she shares her successes and failures, her ups and downs, all along the way.

You can find her by clicking the link for Crystal Cottage Off Grid and watch her many adventures in primitive living.

If you are interested in buying seeds from her, just visit Crystal Cottage Seeds. She offers free shipping in the US and only $3 shipping to Canada. I bought 10 packets of seeds from her back in January and planted the collards over this past weekend. I'm anxious to get the others into flats in my portable greenhouse and get them started.

Here's a video I made showing the seeds I got and giving you more information about her and another YouTube publisher. Take a few minutes to visit them both, subscribe to them, and be sure to comment. YouTube publishers love comments!

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