Monday, February 29, 2016

Just chores on the homestead

Ever have one of those days when you seem to be busy the whole day, but it doesn't seem like a lot got done? That was today. I'm tired enough now that I FEEL like I've dug ditches all day. I haven't. Didn't even work on gardening.

We started off slowly, then around lunch time we headed into town to run some errands. I'm talking about Big Town, not the little town where our mail comes from. Some things can only be accomplished in Big Town. One of the errands was to go by Office Depot to pick up some tiny price tags with strings on them. I'll be using those to price the knitted and crocheted items I plan to sell this weekend at a craft/yard sale in the town where my Mother and Sister live. I'll plan to be up there a few days early and celebrate Mom's birthday, then deal with the sale, then head back home on Sunday, which is one of my sons' birthday.

While we were out, we went to our favorite Chinese buffet to eat a late lunch. When we were done with errands, we headed back to our town where I stopped in at a discount store for some needfuls, then we headed home. Stopped at the feed store that's up the road, on our way, to get a bale of hay, came home, and I fixed a pot of coffee. By then it was around 3 o'clock in the afternoon.

Our septic line was stopped up, so we got to work on that and I think it's fixed now. Son did most of the hard work while I went back and forth to check if the toilet was flushing, fetch tools, and just generally be a "gopher". We thought we had it fixed a couple of days ago, but it stopped up again. This is one of those times when a composting toilet would come in handy!

After that, we fed and watered the animals, dispensed hay to the goats, and temporarily patched a hole in the chicken run where the ladies all got out today and free ranged. I don't mind them free ranging, but prefer it to be on my schedule, not theirs. I got them all rounded back up and in their yard, collected a very welcomed 4 eggs today, and filled their waterers. Thank you, hens!

We're pretty sure the hole got in the fence because one of the little piggies keeps getting out. It sure looked like it was pushed up and in, just like a pig would do it to go under the fence.

Then we (I say that as if I actually did anything) worked on the truck. It's old. It's ugly. But it's paid for so a few dollars now and then for repairs doesn't really hurt. We already went through and replaced some vital parts last summer - new belt, new rotor and cap, new battery, new radiator, new alternator - plus the usuals such as oil changes, fuel filter change, and air filter change. This past weekend we put new spark plugs in it. This time there was a rigid little airline that was broken and making the "Check Engine" light come on. It goes to the EGR (is that right?) and might be one of the reasons why it's been running rougher than usual. I'm thinking that air line got broke when the plugs were being changed since it's right over the top of one of them.

I also have front and back brakes I ordered that need to be put on. That will be an all day adventure of it's own, I'm sure.

So, no gardening. Also, I had wanted to move the tote that has the battery bank for our solar setup closer to the house, readjust the solar panels, and start running wires for having off-grid lights inside. I guess that's for another day, and it's supposed to rain tomorrow.

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