Thursday, May 26, 2016

Cabin floor

We actually finished the cabin floor a couple of weeks ago. It wasn’t very hard to do, but I will say I’m disappointed with the black linoleum tiles for the bathroom area. They just don’t want to stay stuck down! Looks like we’ll have to go back and glue them with something soon.

These are all peel-n-stick tiles we got from a local discount store. The price was about the same as similar ones at a big box hardware store, but they didn’t have any patterns or colors we liked. Selection was surprisingly limited there! So, we shopped the discount store and found some we liked a lot.

It took us about a half a day to lay the first tiles, then we went back the next day and spent a couple of hours placing the ones that go around the edges. Those had to be cut to fit, except for the bathroom tiles, which were exactly the square footage needed for that area.

We have a few tiles left which might work for under the kitchen counter on those shelves, when we get that part built. Desperately needing more lumber and 3 inch deck screws!

We’ve been taking a goat or two with us every time we go work on the cabin so they can get in some extra grazing and become familiar with the place. After all, they’ll be living there, too!

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