Friday, May 27, 2016

Free Stuff!

Who doesn't like free stuff?! I know I do!

On Mother's Day, after our lovely meal and as we were getting ready to leave from my daughter and son-in-law's house, he commented that he has several items we might get some use from on the new homestead - windows, gates, 4X4 posts, and a sink. He offered to give them to me, so I said, "Sure!"

We drove around to the back side of their property where those things were stored and he and my son started loading them into the back of the truck. We've already used part of the things. He also said he can get 3.5 by 12 foot pallets, some with solid plywood on them, some without, for free if I want them. Of course I do! I can see making barns and sheds from them or even using them as a porch, a railing for the loft, or a wall partition for the storage end of the loft. Hoping to get them this weekend if the weather cooperates.

He can borrow a trailer that will haul those long pallets and said he'd bring them over to the homestead for me. I really should see about fixing an off-grid meal over there to at least feed him and my daughter. Might be time to kill a rooster!

We got a little more done inside the cabin, which I share in the following video, along with sharing my "treasures". Son-in-law said when we're ready, come back and load up some more of the 4X4 posts and other things he has laying around. Ok!

Things are coming along!

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