Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tiny cabin arrived and set up

Wow! It's been almost three weeks since I posted to this blog! A lot has happened so I'll try to break down the events into several posts.

Let me take you back to around May 5, 2016 when we finally got our tiny cabin brought to us and set up. I took videos and pictures just so I could share them with you folks and with my YouTube subscribers.

The cabin is very small, but we knew it would be. About 200 square feet on the main level and about 168 square feet of lofted area. We had been planning and planning, drawing floor plans and trying to figure everything out to make it a livable cabin, for several weeks. And, we've pretty well stuck with our plans to get the most use from the small space. I'll be updating you on all that in the coming posts, too.

Mainly, though, I want to share with you what the cabin looks like. I posted the cabin install in 3 parts, and below is part 1. I'll also link you to the other two parts.

Tiny cabin install part 2

Tiny cabin install part 3

As I go along with my updates I'll be including some side paths, such as goat milking and cooking, so check back often for new posts!

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