Friday, May 27, 2016

I need to make a list

I figure that if I put a list here, where I can reference it often, I will be able to know what I still need to get the off grid cabin livable. So, here goes!

  • About a dozen 2X4s
  • Enough insulation to cover all outside walls and the underside of the roof
  • Brad and staple gun
  • Get generator fixed
Following is my need-to-haves but these can wait a bit.
  • Rain guttering and downspouts for rainwater catchment
  • At least 4 more deep cycle batteries
  • Another 200 watts of solar panels
  • A 60 amp charge controller
  • Field fencing and T-posts
  • More pallets!!
Some of these things will set me back a bit of money. Some won’t. The problem is working them into my already stretched-thin budget. I did watch a video on YouTube recently where the person suggested dumpster diving at carpet installation businesses (with permission, of course) to get clean carpet and carpet pad remnants to use in the cabin or even as insulation for the walls. We may be trying that soon, too, as there’s a carpet place in the town near us.

Soon, (as in next week) we’ll be heading to a friend’s house to pick up some pallets and lumber he has that he’s donated to us. We also need to finish getting the poles, posts, and gates from another friend that go with the chain link fencing she gave us. As of right now, I’m pretty much broke…again…and less than 1/4 tank of gas in the truck, so we’re staying close to home till about next week at this time.

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