Friday, May 27, 2016

Home grown potatoes!

I barely planted anything this year, after learning that we would have to move. But, I had already planted sugar snap peas and potatoes early on. That means, I’m getting tiny harvests of peas now, and I’ve already dug all the potatoes.

Why did I dig them so early? Because we wanted to go ahead and eat them as “new potatoes” with a few meals. The potatoes I planted were just some that were given to me. They had chitted on their own, so I dug up a bed, added well rotted hay, and planted the potatoes in it. They grew very well, even though they did suffer a freeze two nights in a row after they had sprouted.

And, oh my goodness! Did they ever taste good! I probably only planted about 3 pounds but we got five good meals out of what grew, and it was basically all free, so you can’t beat that! I’m hoping next year, at the new homestead, I can plant a lot of potatoes to store and can for the year.

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