Friday, March 18, 2016

Big changes coming soon!

We got some news the other day. I don't know whether I consider it good news or bad news. I'm still reeling.

We have to move.

After 7 or 8 years of living here, settling in, establishing raised beds, fences, paddocks, chicken we have to start over again someplace else. We plan to take down all the fencing we can, dismantle the raised beds, pull up fence posts, empty the 275 gallon water totes (one has minnows and a 600 lb rock grow bed), gather all hoses and pipes, dig up and repot whatever herbs, berries, grapes, and asparagus we can, Then, we will get the inside of the house purged as much as possible.

Purging is probably long overdue, to be honest. It's been on my mind for awhile, but I didn't figure on being forced into it. Clothes, dishes, pots, pans...all kinds of things will need to go. Some will be donated. Some will simply be trashed. (Unless somebody out there really wants my old, stained, garden T-shirts!) I'll be getting lots of those tubs and totes to start packing things in that we will be moving with us.

We purged the freezers already, tossing some things and deciding to can up whatever I'm able to can up. Yes, it means heavy jars to take with us...


It looks like we'll be going off grid so I need as few things as possible left refrigerated or frozen.

In a day or so we'll be talking to a local real estate company that offers in-house financing of land. We are hoping it at least has septic on it, and we can deal with off-grid water supplies for now. We'll also be talking to a rent-to-own yard barn place that offers pretty nice deals that will pay off in 3 or 4 years. Combining the money I currently pay for rent plus the money I currently pay for electricity, I should be able to cover the payment for both land and cabin.

I currently have a small solar array, a couple of batteries, and 2 inverters. I will need more solar panels and more batteries, but these will come in time. I'll also update information about all this in a future post.

So, soon we will be saying a tearful "goodbye" to our little house in the country and moving to an even smaller house, the location of which we do not know yet. I'll video and photograph things along the way and share it here and on YouTube.

Goodbye little house.

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