Friday, March 11, 2016

Homestead bread!

It's Friday, and it's been damp and rainy since Tuesday night. We aren't expected to have a break from the rain until this coming Monday. The ground is soaked. The animal pens are soaked and muddy. It's just been miserable, wet, and, yes, chilly for several days now.

I'm grateful for the rain since it will recharge the aquifer that feeds our well. And, it seems like the raised garden bed plants are loving it. The plants are taking off really nicely! I'm hoping I can get out Saturday and take some video and still shots of how things are looking, since there's been a big change from just a few days ago.

Anyway, because it was so chilly and dreary, I made a loaf of bread today. I need to make more because this one didn't turn out exactly how I'd hoped. Could be the high humidity and rainy weather. Could be I did something wrong. With bread, you just never really know, it seems.

I did a tutorial type of video about my bread making that some of you might like to see. The bread isn't perfect and neither is the camera operator! But, you'll get a good idea of what I do when I make bread (I make it at least a couple times a week) and I'm sharing my recipe for Bread Machine Basic White Bread. It's not a big secret and it's not rocket science. :-)

Here ya go!

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