Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Busy Tuesday!

I think we drove to every corner of the county on Tuesday, March 29, 2016. I was so tired when we finally got home, and we still had to feed and move a couple of goats.

So, the long day of running errands started around 11 AM. We headed into town, which is about 12 miles away, to go to the post office to mail a letter (needed a stamped envelope) and to the bank to go to the ATM. On the way, we stopped by the new homestead and set out a few storage totes we'd filled the day before so there'd be more room in the back for some fencing we were going to get. While in town, we stopped by the place where we ordered the little cabin and paid that person.

Stopped by Burger King in the next town to get a couple of burgers and fries. Got beverages at Tractor Supply after we picked up some goat wormer, Then, we sat in the truck in the parking lot there and ate our lunch.

Then, we headed to another town to visit with a friend and get some chain link fencing she's giving us. We also took her 4 pots of Jerusalem artichokes that I dug up yesterday in preparation for our move. I had dug 8 altogether and promised her half of them for her generosity. She lives about 25 miles from us. She thought she had one or two rolls of the fencing, but it turned out to be four rolls, plus she had posts, long top rails, and a gate. This fencing is all very tall (probably over 6 feet) and so is the gate. The exception is one roll which is probably about 4 feet tall. Three of the top rails are about 15 feet long, maybe longer, and one is around 10 feet long. Anyway, we'll be able to make good use of all this fencing and plan to use some for our two dogs until the pup gets big enough that she can't go through the field fencing. At that point, both mama and pup will go out to live with the goats. Mama dog (Molly) was raised with the goats and chickens so we want the pup (Lucy) to be raised with them as well.

Here's a picture of Molly. I took it through the fencing we had her in, but you can see how pretty she is. She's a great dog. Part airedale and part who-knows. She loves all the livestock we have and guards them the best she can. I don't yet have a picture of Lucy.

Well, I'm so glad my son came with me to get the fencing because it was crazy heavy. We'll have to go back in a few days to get the top rails, gate, and a couple more posts. I'll get pictures of all of it the next trip over to the new homestead, since that's where we dropped it off on our way home.

Then we went over to Harbor Freight to pick up work gloves they had on sale with a coupon, and a free 25 foot tape measure with any purchase there. Looked around a bit at things like 12 volt water pumps and a few other things. Should have stopped there before we went to get the fencing. Son sure could have used the gloves for handling it!

Stopped on the way home and got some raw milk, then headed to the new homestead to unload the truck. We still had cinder blocks on it from getting them over the weekend for the cabin foundation, so we set those out approximately where the guys will deliver it and they will put them in place. Got the fencing out and piled near the well house, and set out the rest of the Jerusalem artichokes in the pots over next to the well house, too. Our big tote that we keep in the back of the truck had a lot of ceramic tiles, large ones and little bitty ones, that I got from Sis on Easter Sunday, so we set those out next to the well house.

At home, we fed the livestock and moved two goats. One is a doe who looks thin and is the main reason we picked up the goat wormer. She's also the kind of goat that gets pushed away from the feed at feeding time. So, we put her and her now-grown doeling daughter in the isolation pen together. Gave her some hay, fresh water, and feed with the wormer in it. Neither goat liked being away from the others. They have always been together, but this one doe needs extra attention for now.

I had originally planned to use my phone to video a lot of our activities today, but just never did. Don't even know why! I will take some video at the new homestead, though, of the things we have taken over there so far and any purchases we make for it. I also plan to video the guys delivering the cabin. That will be very exciting!

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