Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Craft and yard sale news

Being a homesteader, even a mini homesteader, doesn't mean livestock and gardening are all there is to deal with. I also do some crocheting and loom knitting. I especially enjoy these activities when it's cold weather or wet weather that will keep me out of the garden.

Last weekend was my mother's 94th birthday, so I went to visit there for a few days. On the same weekend was a local craft and yard sale, sponsored by the local Extension Homemakers group. I've met quite a few of these folks over the years so I saw a lot of familiar faces while there. My sister brought Mom over to the indoor sale where I had my booth set up so she could visit with me and with others she's known for many years.

I took mostly kitchen items I'd crocheted and loom knitted. I sold a few, though not enough at the sale to actually pay my $15 booth fee. Lots of folks admired them, but few were actually buying. Many other vendors had the same complaint -- lots of lookers but very few buyers.

Anyway, I thought I'd share a couple of videos I made of the setup the day before and the table on the day of the sale. Enjoy!

Setup the day before the sale.

Table on the day of the sale. Sis also put a number of gardening books in so we shared the table.

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