Friday, March 25, 2016

The cabin

This is similar to the cabin we're getting. Remember, ours will be a white roof and off-white sides, and longer than the one shown. However, this is the style we're getting.

This portable cabin will be home sweet home for a long time, so we want to be sure we do it right from the get-go. The one pictured is 16 feet long, so using your imagination, you can visualize it being 4 feet longer. Only 200 square feet for the main part but by the time we're done, the loft should bring in another 160 square feet of useful space. Right now, the loft is 80 square feet so we'll be doubling that. We'll wind up with a grand total of 360 square feet! Still tiny and about half the square footage where we are now (yes, this house we're in is only 600 square feet) but doable if we severely purge!

We will put a small deck on the front, build up some flower beds, and basically try to make it as cute as possible.

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