Saturday, March 12, 2016

Canning sweet potatoes

I actually canned a lot of sweet potatoes late last summer, when local growers had them right out of the field. They aren't beautiful sweet potatoes. In fact, a lot of people buy them for animal feed, and at the price, they'd be really good for that. However, in my little world, a sweet potato is a sweet potato and they all taste good.

I originally bought 120 lb. of sweet potatoes. You read that right -- 120 pounds! I canned up 40 lb. of them, shared at least 40 lb. with family members, then kept the last 40 lb. to use for baked and dehydrated sweet potatoes. Or for other fresh cooked recipes.

There's qute a process to canning them safely, but it's so worth the effort. You have sweet potatoes in jars, then, that are easy to just heat n eat for side dishes for meal, or you can make candied sweet potatoes really quickly with them. And now, I have enough sweet potatoes left to sprout slips and grow some in my own garden beds!

Here is how I canned them:

I hope this helps you in your canning adventures. If you ever can sweet potatoes at home, you'll wonder why you ever bought them canned from the store! Home canned ones taste so clean!

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