Monday, March 14, 2016

Storms at the homestead!

We've gone through over a week of rain, and then on Sunday, March 13, 2016, we got sunshine. All well and good, you think? No, not really. See, in our part of the country when there is suddenly sunshine like that, it heats up the already unstable atmosphere and causes storms.

We were lucky in our particular location. It did blow in and it did thunder, lightning, and rain very hard. Some of the surrounding locations weren't so lucky. They got large hail, tornadoes, and damaging straight line winds. The news is full of damage reports now. So far, I haven't seen where anyone was injured, so that's a blessing.

We should have sunny, warm days until around Thursday night, when it's supposed to rain again for a few days. This means we need to get out this week and really work on accomplishing outdoor tasks. Things like planting more in the raised beds, cleaning up from the winter, and making repairs to coops. Maybe even finally dispatching 2 turkeys and 6 roosters!

I went out with my phone and took some video of the approaching storm, after I'd fed all the animals and given water to those who needed it. When I was through feeding/watering, I was actually sweating, it was that warm and humid. By the time I went back out about an hour later, it was downright chilly out! That's how it goes with storms, especially ones that will produce hail.

So, without further ado, here's the short video of the approaching storm clouds.

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