Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Cabin interior wall build

We did it. We got the bathroom walls built. Not professional. Not beautiful. But functional and pretty well square.

There's more to do, of course. We want to build some kind of wall with an access door to the loft on the south end of the cabin. The loft on the north end will be my son's bedroom. We also added a section to the loft that will be more storage for things like off-season clothing, infrequently used dishes, craft and crochet and loom knitting supplies, and some odds and ends I'm not ready to part with just yet.

We still need so much done in the cabin, but first and foremost is plumbing in the bathroom, including the toilet and shower. We can actually take "bird baths" until the shower portion is completed, though. But the toilet...yeah. We have to have that ready to use soon!

I have a propane, on-demand water heater so I need to get a regulator and gas hose for that, then install the shower portion through the wall. The heater will be mounted on a heavy post just behind the cabin, then we'll build a small vented shelter around it to protect it from the weather. We also need to start thinking about laying the water line in the ground, deep enough to prevent freezing, and keeping the water heater protected from freezing as well.

So many details to work out!

Anyway, here are a couple of videos showing the cabin wall progress. Enjoy!

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