Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I made my bed!

I mean, I literally made my bed! Well, we made it. My son did the real work while I supervised. lol

The cabin needed a sofa and a place for me to sleep. Instead of putting a standard sofa bed or daybed in there, I designed a sofa I can use as a bed, and it will have lots of storage underneath.

Basically, it's a box but because I had a sheet of fairly heavy-duty lattice in with the lumber I'd gotten at the big box hardware and lumber store, I decided it might be pretty cute as part of the sofa-bed.

It took a few days to build it because we had to figure every single thing out about what to do, but it's done and just needs painting and putting cushions on it. Below are three videos detailing how it all went down. Since the time the videos were shot, a paracord handle has been added to the lid to make it easier to open.

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