Saturday, June 25, 2016

Comments and Google+

It was recently brought to my attention that folks can't comment on my blog posts here. Well, that just won't do. I appreciate feedback from my readers and didn't know why I couldn't get comments, or why readers weren't able to comment.

So, I started looking around at things. I thought I had all my settings right, but as it turns out, if I activate Google+ on here, then only other people using G+ are able to comment. So, this is a test run to see if commenting from my readers will go through now.

If you see this post, please comment in the comments section below. I think I can still share posts on G+ but just not automatically like before. I have comment moderation enabled so spammers won't get through. I will check comments every day, probably more than once a day, and approve or delete as necessary. You should also be able to go back and comment on any other posts that may interest you, so feel free to do so.

Also, feel free to share my blog posts! Maybe there will be something of interest to other homesteaders.


  1. ok I am seeing this so I will see if I can comment

    1. Sorry for being so slow to reply. I'm glad you are able to comment now!