Saturday, June 25, 2016

Mowing the homestead lawn

Ok, it's been several days since I did this mowing and it needs it again. But when I mow I use an old fashioned reel mower. No gas. No noise. No fumes. Yes, it really works!

I kept meaning to shoot video of me actually pushing the mower, but then it turned off hotter than...well. So, I haven't mowed any further than my last stopping place. It's supposed to cool down some in a few days, so I'll be mowing again and doing more yard work at the cabin.

The mower was a gift from my older daughter. It's easy to use, cuts very well, and takes very little maintenance. I actually just sprayed some WD-40 on the moving parts and it works smoothly and fairly quietly. The only sound is the cutting blades lightly brushing against the cutter bar. I've used gasoline push mowers before, and this one is no harder to use than those are.

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