Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Mama goat in the new paddock

Since we did get a paddock built, we decided the other day to take one of the goats over to the new homestead and see how it worked out. We took our older doe, that we fondly just call Mama Goat.

Now let me tell you, she wasn't at all keen about her traveling accommodations. We had to tie a heavy rope across the bed of the truck, make a couple of large knots in it, then fasten her collar in between the knots with a collar clip. The knots kept the clip from going more than a couple of inches either way. We also opened the sliding back glass in the truck so I could keep my hand ready to grab her, just in case something didn't work like we thought it would. But, it all worked just fine.

Mama Goat, though, wasn't happy with it. She was pretty nervous. See, we've had these goats for a few years now and got them when they were about 6 months old. They haven't been anywhere else beside on our little homestead since we brought them home in the back end of the Explorer I used to have.

Mama Goat is behind the others, with the skinny horns.

Once we got her over to the new homestead and put her out in the new paddock, she was still uneasy but did start eating the tall weeds and grass that are there. We made sure she had a bucket of water nearby, and, though she occasionally would cry (these goats hate to be separated), she ate till she got her tummy full, then laid down to chew her cud.

Next time, we'll take all the goats with us, since we now have a huge carrier for the back of the truck that we can put them in.

Here's a little video of Mama Goat in the new paddock.

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