Sunday, April 17, 2016

Homestead update and cabin news

I called the people yesterday about the cabin. As it turns out, the plant where they get the sheet metal from in Kentucky was hit and destroyed by a tornado not long after I ordered the cabin. It took the folks about a week to locate a new sheet metal source, so they have started back on projects again. The sales person will call them Monday, April 18, to find out the progress on the cabin.

We did go to town to the big box hardware store to pick up pex pipe and fittings to hook up the 12 volt water pump and the propane tankless water heater. We still need blue food safe barrels to pump water into, which we can source fairly locally. However, after getting the water hookup stuff today, I'm nearly out of funds for anything else. That means no insulation or paneling, no lumber to build inside walls with, no lumber for counters or grout for tiles, and no further wiring, batteries, or solar panels until I get a little more money. That will not happen till after the first of May.

It also means I can't buy the fence wire I need to fence in the livestock over there so we'll have to hustle around and get the fence all taken down at our current location, get it put up at the new location, and also fix up animal shelters. Looks like we'll be carrying water in buckets for awhile until I can get another 12 volt pump to take the water where they are.

I plan to add gutters that will feed into an IBC tank for animal water and flushing the toilet, but again, they aren't free so it may be June or July before that happens. I have a small amount set aside each month for improvements.

So, today I did go over there to do a couple of things and I videoed my "escapades". Here is Part 1. Check back to my YouTube channel for the other parts - 3 in all.

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