Friday, April 22, 2016

Taking down the fence and cabin update

It was hard work, but we got 90% of the field fencing down. There are sections here and there that need to stay in place till we get the animals moved, which could be in the next few days. It seems like everything needs to be done at one time. Well still retreat to this house for sleeping and showering a bit longer till everything is in place over at the new homestead.

We'll get what fencing we have put back up at the new homestead. I think we figured a field about 46 by 46 feet would be what we will have to make to start with, then as we go along, we'll add on to it, creating more paddocks so we can move the goats around.

We'll use the livestock panels to create an area for the pigs that we can move around. I plan to use them to till up garden areas and get rid of grass, grass roots, and tree roots, plus turn over and fertilize the soil. Their area will be 16 by 16 feet but with that being moved to new locations as we go, it should be just fine.

We'll also have the welded wire to build chicken runs from, instead of chicken wire. It's taller and it's sturdier than chicken wire. We'll put bird netting or something like that over the top of the chicken run, and they'll have opportunities to free range, as well, so they won't need a huge run.

Pallets will suffice to make shelters for the goats and pigs as well as for the chickens. When colder weather is coming, we'll find other things, even feed sacks, we can staple to the inside walls to help against the cold wind. We'll make sure all shelters are south facing, which was hard to do in our current location.

We talked to the cabin dealership and it looks like we could be getting the cabin on this coming Monday, April 25, 2016. I'm pretty excited but there's still a lot to be done! My son suggested using pallet boards for paneling inside the cabin, which means we need a sander to smooth them out a bit while retaining a rustic look.

I went out a bit ago to take pictures and videos of the progress and the animals, so I'll share a picture here and link to my video on YouTube.

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