Friday, April 15, 2016

Still waiting for the cabin

I think I'll need to call the folks I bought the cabin from, though the contract does say 15 business days, which translates into 3 calendar weeks. I'm curious how much longer, though, till it's delivered.

In the meantime, a few other things I ordered have been shipped to me. They are things that we'll need in the cabin for running water from the well into the cabin. I still need to get pex pipe and fittings.

My hope is that my funds hold out to get things like insulation, fencing, and wiring to connect the solar to the cabin. I also need some kind of paneling to cover the insulation, and I've been shopping around but building materials are so expensive. I'm hoping I can find a discount deal on something before the end of summer, but the insulation will be the most important thing to acquire and install.

Several days of rain have hampered outside work, but the weekend is supposed to be dry so we'll really have to get busy with moving whatever we can - things that can safely be stored outside - over to the new place. Thinks like fence posts, tin, what fence materials we have can go and be neatly stacked so they are easy to use.

We were able to get some pallets, though, which will do for animal shelters or even to take them apart and make into paneling. I videod the few pallets we got a few days ago, and we'll head back to that place and ask for more when we see they have some in their burn pile.

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