Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Sometimes you have to insist

It's been over a month since I ordered my cabin. It was supposed to be ready in 10 to 15 business days. Well, it wasn't so I waited a few days then called about it. The dealership said then that the place where they source their sheet metal in Kentucky had been blown away by a tornado and it took them about a week to get a new source.


I called back again a week later when the cabin still didn't show up. That time, the dealer said the plant had fallen behind due to the other issue but it should only be a couple more days.


I called back again and he said for sure it would be ready on a certain Friday and they'd deliver it on Monday. Monday came and went. Tuesday came and went. Wednesday morning (that's Wednesday, April 27) I got a call from the delivery driver. He said he had one building ahead of mine to set up, and that it would take about 4 hours or so, then he'd load my building and deliver it.


So,we head over to the land about 30 minutes before we expected the building. Put fence wire and fence posts in a location for the first goat paddock. Put some roofing tin on the well house since it looked like that roof had leaked in the recent rain. (We'll do a proper job of fixing that in the next few days.) My cell phone rang. The delivery guy said it took him way longer at the other location and he wouldn't be able to deliver it today after all.

NOT ok!

I promise, I didn't call him names or refer him to the Devil's abode. But I did make it plain I was very unhappy all the way around. I told him how many times I'd been put off after being told the building would be there soon. I told him I'll be making a payment on a building that isn't even sitting on the property yet. I told him his company should make it right by leaving off the upcoming payment or in some way compensating me for my very long wait and for being where I was supposed to be this afternoon, even though he wasn't. He told me that Thursday he has to be in Oklahoma, Friday it's supposed to be raining, and could I take delivery next Monday or Tuesday?

Yeah. I'll take delivery then, but somebody should actually compensate me for all this hassle. He said he couldn't really do anything (which is what I figured) except deliver it next week. I asked him how do I know for sure you'll even do that? But, since I have no choice, I'll have to wait.

Then tonight around 8:30 pm I get a call. It's the company dispatcher trying to smooth things over. He asks can I take delivery tomorrow afternoon (Thursday), though it could be late in the afternoon. I agreed to that and told him I'd be available to accept the delivery.

I am not a person who relishes confrontation, but this is one time I had to step outside of my normal tendencies to "roll over" and be adamant about their service so far being less than stellar.

They better show up!

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