Friday, April 1, 2016

Recent Harbor Freight bargains

Due to moving soon, we've been gathering up some things we can use on the new homestead. Since a Harbor Freight Tools opened in the next town, which is still about a 25 mile drive from us, we started cutting out coupons for the items we need that they have on sale. Also, cut out some 20% off coupons. With everything else that's going on, I figure we need to save some bucks where ever we can!

So, I posted a slide-show type video on my YouTube channel of most of the things we've accumulated so far that will help us as we switch from the grid to off-grid in the new cabin. (We expect the cabin to be delivered next week, barring any problems.)

I've also ordered a couple of things from Ebay. One is a propane tankless water heater and the other is a 12v battery suitable for charging with our solar panels and using as we need it.

Yesterday we also stopped at a house where a person was selling a small propane tank, though it's not the little ones like you see for gas grills. It's about twice that big. We need to take it to the propane place and get it filled. We'll also need to make sure we have the fittings for it and a water supply line that will go from the well to the water heater.

In a few days, we'll head to another town to pick up some food grade blue 55 gallon drums to use as our water holding tanks for the well water, and we'll need to shop around for a small, possibly submersible, 12 volt pump that will send water from the barrels to the cabin.

Last week we picked up a never-used toilet for a song, so we also need to get the supplies needed to install that and hook it to the septic tank.

So much to do and think about!!

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